MoSMB Features

File & Print

SMB3 File Server, SMB3 Printing, Named Pipes

High Performance

Receive Side Scaling, ODX Support, Multichannel, SMB Direct, Directory Leasing and Caching

Security & Authentication

Encryption Signing, AD Integration (LDAP/Kerberos)


Cluster Support, RPC, Witness Protocol, Persistent/Durable Handles

Client Support

Hyper V - Live Migration, SQL Server


SMI-S, Remote VSS, Powershell

More about SMB 3.0

Learn more about SMB protocol
Sep 0
Sep 0

What is Hyper-V over SMB use case?

Earlier Microsoft only offered block-based shared-storage like FC or iSCSI, which is a complex, expensive and limiting option. SMB 3.0 protocol gives a new and better way to store Hyper-V Virtual Machine on a shared storage. In this use case, Hyper-V can store live virtual machine files, which includes configuration, virtual hard disk (VHDX) files, […]

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Jun 2
Jun 2

MoSMB as a NAS Gateway

A NAS Gateway typically is a diskless file server that contains the file sharing protocol and the file system that can be scalable with unlimited backend storage from a SAN array, either FC or iSCSI. Typically, a NAS Gateway is capable of offering both the widely-used File system protocols; NFS & SMB. With the recent […]

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