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Enterprise SMB3 features supported by MoSMB

Enterprise storage requires advanced features to ensure varied use cases, business continuity, security and high performance. MoSMB’s advanced architecture and powerful SMB 3.x features make it the preferred choice for the enterprise data center.MOSMB SMB 3.0 features

MoSMB, besides a SMB 3.x server also supports the following advanced features:

  • SMB Transparent Failover – Continuous Availability
  • SMB Scale-Out – Active/Active file server clusters
  • SMB Direct (SMB over RDMA) – Low latency, low CPU use
  • SMB Multichannel – Network throughput and failover
  • SMB Encryption – Security
  • VSS for SMB File Shares – Backup and restore
  • SMB SMI-S – Manageability
  • And many more SMB 3.x features.


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