A NAS Gateway typically is a diskless file server that contains the file sharing protocol and the file system that can be scalable with unlimited backend storage from a SAN array, either FC or iSCSI. Typically, a NAS Gateway is capable of offering both the widely-used File system protocols; NFS & SMB. With the recent advancements in the SMB stack introduced by Microsoft in their version 3.0 upwards, SMB is fast finding its acceptance in the high performance & high availability use cases such as MS SQL database storage and the Hyper-V Datastore.
MoSMB is a SMB 3.0 stack developed & distributed by Ryussi Technologies, based in Pune, India. It is a proprietary ANSI C SMB3 server supported on your favorite Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, CentOS and OpenSuSE. It offers all the advance features that are currently offered by Microsoft SMB (MS-SMB). Features such as the following are currently supported in its v1.0:

mosmb-features mosmbnas


All the above Enterprise features coupled with a Cluster File system of your choice, such as Lustre, ZFS or native ext4 on a Solid State Disk (SSD) or NVMe PCIe solid state drives can get you an unmatched scale out performance & IOPS to meet your storage needs.

You can enable the NFS4 Protocol for NFS supported applications such as VMware vSphere or other Host Virtualization Hypervisors such as KVM or XEN.